What if software did all the hard work of optimizing your sales funnel and revenue?

Offermative is like a smart marketer, effective copywriter, amazing designer, detail oriented web developer, big data analytics expert and strategic mentor – all rolled into one.

Here’s the best AI powered discount plugin for WooCommerce. It intelligently runs upsells, related product recommendations, pricing deals, order bumps and more in your checkout funnel. Offermative automates offer design templates, conditional logic and copywriting. Use it for lead conversion and see your sales grow.

Save efforts and cost. Move inventory, grow sales, improve average order value. Generate more from your marketing spend by easily converting those “sitting on the fence” people as well!

We all know this works, yet we don’t do it.

Offers, recommendations and discounts are essential, but…

Promotional campaigns optimize revenue and profits throughout the year – not just sale seasons. Proper product display and placement always sells more units. Yet most of us don’t run enough offers because:

It takes a lot to setup good offers

– What products to offer, whom to target, should we discount it or not.. These are difficult choices.
– Designing the actual offer, HTML, CSS and coding is hard. Even if you use a plugin.
– Writing compelling headlines, body text and calls to actions requires expert skills
– Most of this needs huge cost and coordination since it involves multiple people / teams

Sales funnel tools are cumbersome and yet fall short

– There are different plugins and SaaS tools for cart flows / woo funnels / smart offers / related product recommendations / checkout pages: but most still require expert knowledge, may not be suitable for your type of business or not well integrated with WooCommerce
– You still have high overall cost and effort: decision maker + marketing exec + design guy + copywriting expert + webmaster…
– Despite all the hype, you’re still left with trial and error to figure out offers that convert!

Afraid of running too many / bad offers; hence leaving money on the table

– You need proper targeting to show relevant offers and restrict exposure
– Running discounts only during sale seasons means missing out a huge opportunity
– You’re putting great efforts to bring visitors to site, then why lose on conversions?
– But since setting up, monitoring and tweaking offers is a lot of work, we just give up and miss out on a big revenue opportunity.

Offermative solves all these problems, so you can make money on auto-pilot, every day

Offermative is like a smart marketer, effective copywriter, amazing designer, detail oriented web developer, big data analytics expert and strategic mentor – all rolled into one convenient tool.

Go live with dozens of high converting offers within ten minutes

– Everytime you click the “Generate Campaigns” button, our intelligent system will create a handful of offer campaigns.
– It automatically picks up products / categories to promote, discount pricing, targeting rules, offer designs and even writes headlines and all other copy text.
– You can review campaigns, make minor tweaks if you want and select the campaigns you want to go live with. Then click “Publish” and they will be scheduled to run for a fortnight automatically.
– Offermative will use smart algorithms to show these campaigns to visitors, keep converting them to customers, and maintain a track of results.
– And oh well, configuration is easy too. All Offermative needs from you is the maximum discount you’re willing to offer, a couple of words about your target audience and products or categories you do not want to run offers for.

Machine generated offers, designs, copywriting, targeting rules

– All the offer types: WooCommerce upsell, cross-sell, order bump, cart bump, percentage / flat discount coupons, Amazon like related product recommendations, frequently bought together or category based suggestions, instant coupons, sitewide sale…
– High converting, beautifully designed, mobile responsive offer message design templates: inline, header / footer bars, slide ins, overlay popups…
– AI generated copywriting: headline, body text, CTA, offer description…
– Micro offers: you don’t need to run bumper discounts all the time, Offermative can run highly targeted offers on hundreds of products. This is a great boon for stores with large catalogs.

Track results, count your money, and repeat!

– Offermative will run each campaign for a fortnight. We recommend you do a review every week, extend campaigns that are working well and set up new offers when you need. All this will take just a few minutes, but will keep bringing in customers and revenue!
– This speed and ease of setting up promotions means you can run a lot of experiments and scale up quickly. You will also collect a lot of evidence about what type of offers work well for what type of products and for what segment of customers.

Thousands of extra dollars with just minutes of work?

– Offermative is a well thought out, comprehensive solution to people’s most challenging problems around promotions – design, coding, copywriting, strategy. So you save a ton of effort.
– It includes lots of different offer types and message designs. So you can experiment with different types of nudges / discount / pricing rules.
– It’s simple to set up and manage. So you save a lot of time and marketing money.
– Offermative works with different industries and geographies. Larger stores see amazing results right after going live, but smaller stores sell more units too.
– Offermative is not just about discounts. It even nudges people to buy a related item.

Automating offers is a worthwhile investment…

Offermative makes it effortless to set up and run targeted offers in WooCommerce. If you use it, your revenue will go up, your inventory will keep moving and you’ll convert more customers frequently. That means, you will get significant returns quickly – 2x, 3x, 10x…

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